You will have to have a friend with a Pokémon with strength and surf for this. Before you go to the S.S. Anne, trade
your friend for a Pokémon with strength and surf. Now go to the dock in front of the S.S. Anne and surf to the right,
until you see a truck on an island, go ashore, and there it is! Does absolutely nothing tho... (rumors about moving this truck are false)

In Celedon City, go behind the mansion and find the secret door. Once you're inside, go up the stairs and get the
Pokéball on the table. Inside the Pokéball is an Eevee, which can be evolved into any of three types of Pokémon
depending on which stone you use on it. A thunder stone will give you a Jolteon, a fire stone will give you a
Flareon, and a water stone will give you a Vaporeon.

There are many trainers who you can trade with, but there are five certain ones where you get special Pokémon
only from them.

Location: Cerulean City, He will trade Jynx for Poliwhirl. Jynx is nicknamed "LOLA".
Location: Vermilion City, He will trade Farfetch'd for Spearow. Farfetch'd is nicknamed "DUX".
Location: Route 18, He will trade Lickitung for Slowbro. Lickitung is nicknamed "MARC".
Location: Cinnabar Island, She will trade Tangela for Venonat. Tangela is nicknamed "CRINKLES".
Location: Route 2, He will trade Mr. Mime for Abra. Mr. Mime is nicknamed "MARCEL".
Location : Cinnibar Lab, He'll trade Electrode for Raichu. Electrode is Names "DORIS"

This code is sorta like the "Better Chance to Catch Pokémon" code but it's for attack. Just hold the A button while
your attacking and it will do more damage than if you didn't hold A.

All of the slot machines have different odds, which change every time. Play each machine 4 times, and if it hits 2
or more, then stick with that one, because it's probably hot. If the slow machine forces you really close to a 777 or
Bar Bar Bar it will probably give you one or the other soon.

Once you get the HM "cut", your pokemon can cut down grassy areas. Use "cut" and it will cut a two by two area.
Wild Pokemon will not attack you in the area you cut.

To easily gain experience, simply switch the Pokémon you want to train with the top Pokémon on your list. When
you go into battle the Pokémon will pop out. You can then switch to another Pokémon. Once you win the battle the
beginning Pokémon and the fighting Pokémon will both gain experience points.

To get Aerodactyal and Omanyte or Kabuto you must first collect two out of three items. In Mt. Moon, before the exit, there is a guy you have to fight. If you when, you get the choice of two fossils. The one on the left is the Dome Fossil, which gives you Kabuto. The one on the right is the Helix Fossil, which gives you Omanyte. Go back to Pewter City, and cut the bush near the Museum. Go through the back door and speak to the guy near the sphere. He'll give you Old Amber, which gives you Aerodactyal. To get these extinct pokemon, you most beat Koga in
Fushcia City and get HM05 in Safari's Zone's secret house. HM05 teaches Surf, in which you can ride a water pokemon. Go back to Pallet after getting HM05 and the soul badge. Surf down the water way south of pallet until you reach Cinnibar Island. Enter the building to the left of the pokemon center. Proceed right until you reach the last door. Enter the door and speak to the man at the top. Give him either the Helix fossil, Dome Fossil or Old Amber. Leave, re-enter and he'll give you the corresponding pokemon.

First off, there are no wild Rapidash. None. Zilch. Zip. To get a Rapidash you must get a Ponyta from the abandoned warehouse in Cinnabar Island and then raise it to level 40. At that time it will start to evolve into the fastest pokémon of the world. Rapidash!

There are three pokémon that are hidden in the game. The pokémon are Zapdos, Mortles, and Artincuno.
Zapdos can be found in the Power Plant by Cerulean City. Go on route 9, the area near the Rock Tunnel which you needed Flash for. Make sure you have the SURF abilty. Once you have surf go to the area where Route 9 ends. Go to the water and use surf. Keep going down and you'll see an opening where the rocks brek to open land, go on that and you'll see a big building. Go in there a keep walking around untill you see a bird pokémon standing there. Save your game and then fight the bird. Capture it, then its on too Fuchsia City!
If you have fly go to the Fuchsia City gate on the left. You'll see a few little jumpable cliffs. Go to the edge of the water and use surf. Keep going left and you should see some islands. Go in the cave on the islands. You must have strength to get this next bird. Once in the cave find you way through the cave pushing all the rocks down the holes. This is important because you need to stop the current flow down below in the cave. Once you find you way to another bird pokémon, do the same as before. This is going to be Articuno.
The final pokémon is Moltres, who an be found once you have all eight badges. After you have all the badges go to Victory Road at the Pokémon League. Make you way through the cave and you should see another bird pokémon. Repeat the same steps as you did for the other pokémon. NOTE: These pokémon aren't hard to see. They just stand there waiting. Be sure to save before you fight them as they only appear once in the game.

At the Game Corner there are secret coins lying around. You can get these coins by walking around and pressing
the A button.

Some people think Snorlax can only be caught with an ultra ball. But there is another way.
1: Get Snorlax's health as low as possible then Capture him.
2: Throw the regular PokeBall then hold down and B.

Some Pokémon will only Evolve when they have been traded. They are:
Before After
Machoke Machamp
Graveler Golem
Haunter Gengar
Kadabra Alakazam

Some Pokémon don't Evolve till you give them a Stone. They are:

FS = Fire Stone
TS = Thunder Stone
WS = Water Stone
LS = Leaf Stone
MS = Moon Stone
Hint: You can get the stones in the Mart in Celadon City.

Before = After
Pikachu + TS = Raichu
Nidorina + MS = Nidoqueen
Nidorino + MS = Nidoking
Clefairy + MS = Clefable
Vulpix + FS = Ninetales
Jigglypuff + MS = Wigglytuff
Gloom + LS = Vileplume
Growlithe + FS = Arcanine
Poliwhirl + WS = Poliwrath
Weepinbell + LS = Victreebell
Shellder + WS = Cloyster
Exeggcute + LF = Exeggutor
Staryu + WS = Starmie
Eevee + WS = Vapereon
Eevee + TS = Jolteon
Eevee + FS = Flareon

To get your Diploma in the game...complete your pokedex getting all 150 entries, then go to the Game Freak Building and talk to the guy on the second floor (The guy that's not on a computer), if you completed your pokedex, he will give you your diploma.

First fly to Viridian and talk to the old guy who shows you how to catch a Weedle. When he asks are you in a hurry respond no, then watch him catch a Weedle. After he shows you how, take the item you want 99 of and make it the 6th item on your list. Now fly to Fuschia City. Use surf and surf to the coast of Seafoam. DO NOT GET OFF. Now surf on the coast of seafoam until u fight a pokemon called M'. It looks like a Missingno. Now after you defeat him or run (DO NOT CAPTURE) look at your 6th item. You should have 99! NOTE: if you keep swimming along seafoam you can run into level 135 of certain pokemon. I've got a Charizard L 254 any higher and it goes back to L 0

Here are some really good items that I have found using the Itemfinder!
*Full Restore in Victory Restore in Victory Road near the exit
*PP Up on Route 17 on right side of cycling road
*PP Up on Route 13
*Max Ether on the small island while your are traveling to Victory Road
*Nugget in Route 7 underground path
*Full Restore, and X Special in route 5 underground path
*Ether in Unknown Dungeon on first floor
*Rare Candy in Cerulean City in the backyard of the house in the top left corner nearest to the Unknown Dungeon
*Great Ball in trash can in the kitchen of The S.S. Anne
*Potion at the start where you walk to the guy who shows you how to catch pokemon the tree near him has a potion in it
*Antidote in Viridian Forest the tree which the guy is standing in front of when you enter.

Worked on all versions.
Item you need: Old Rod.
1.In the Misty's gym, face the statue and use Old Rod.
2.And you should be able to fish.
It also works on other statues too.

Works on both versions.
1.Cut down the tree that you can cut by using cut.
2.Stand on the spot where the tree was and go to menu and save.
3.turn the game off and put it on again and continue.
4.And when you start the game, you should be on top of a tree.

this trick is easy and works on both versions.
1.when you are in the caves on the Seafoam Island, ride your bike and you will hear the bike music.
2.Now fall down a hole while still on the bike. will be of your bike but you will still hear the bike music! It stops if you press start

Works on both versions
Go to Seafoam Island. Make sure you have a pokemon with SURF equipped. Also make sure you don't have the secret key to the gym. Now swim. Go to the up to the gym. Go left to get on land and go to the door. You should get the DOOR LOCKED message, but you will also see a man on the roof

Worked on both versions
In Celadon City go to the hotel and go all the way to the right wall, now face the counter with one space between you and it.
Now press A. A menu will pop up like you are on a PC. You can do everything on it.
Now for a word from our sponsors:
This has saved me a couple of times when I couldn't be stuffed going all the way up to the poke hospital.

In Saffron, go to the street with the Silph Co. building. (Go when the guy is
taking a snooze.) Go to the top of the houses and walk right. The man
taking a snooze might be on top of the houses on the bottom. If he is, it
only lasts for about 2 seconds.
Now for a word from our sponsors:
I don't actually know if this works because I just haven't had time.

Work on both American Versions.
Here is a trick to duplicate your pokemon. This works on the American
versions. I will try to explain it as good as I can. For this trick to work,
you need both games and two gameboys. Here is what you do

1. Put the Pokémon you want duplicated into one of the games. Either red
or blue.
Let's use red for an example.
2. Put a Pokémon you don't mind losing in the other cartridge. Which is
3. Go to the trade center and trade the Pokémon you want duplicated (red)
with the one
you want to erase (blue).
4. After they are traded, leave the game (blue) on with the Pokémon you
erased and turn the game (red) off with the Pokémon you wanted duplicated, before the "Trade Completed" sign appears, right after the "Waiting..." sign disappears. If you did the steps right, the game (red) with the Pokémon you wanted duplicated should still be there and the one you erased on the other game (blue) should be the same as the one you traded. I tried to explain it as best as I could so don't get mad at me if you can't get it working.
**Note: This might mess up your game, but I had no trouble with it. If
anything happens to your game please do not put the blame on me.

1] Both versions
2] game link
3] The rest of the stuff to trade

1.First with red version start a game and choose Charmander. Then go to the fields capture 3 pokémon.
2.Now on blue version start and choose Squirtle or Bulbasaur.
3.Now trade whatever pokémon with one of three pokémon from the red
version and keep on doing this until both packs have all three beginning

Throw any kind of Pokéball (Greatball, Ultraball, or Pokéball),
and after it is released from your hand, hold UP + B.
The ball will act like a Masterball! I caught Articuno, Moltres,
Zapdos, and Snolax with this handy trick. It works, but takes a bit of
practice to get right. The trick works on both versions.

I have a useful trick. This works with both blue and red version. I'll use the Safari Zone for example. Go into the Safari Zone and come out. Now go to the Pokémon Center in Fuschia City. Go straight down from it; you should come to some water that leads to Seafoam (Route 19&20). Go to the far-left side of the coast and follow the wall down all the way to Seafoam Islands. DON'T GO INSEAFOAM ISLANDS! Instead, go swim up and down the coastline where it looks like you are halfway on land and halfway on water. You should run into Safari Monsters after a couple of seconds. Now you can use Ultra Balls and other great items instead of Bait, Rocks, and Safari Balls. THIS WILL NOT MESS UP YOUR GAME. It has never messed any game up under any circumstances. I hope you like the code.

OK.This is for both versions:
1. Go to Safari Zone and then receive 30 safari balls.
2. Right when you enter the safari zone, leave.
3. The guy should say leaving early. Say yes.
4. Then after you leave safari zone go to the Seafoam Islands. But don't go on the land
5. Stay along the cost and just go up and down while still on your water
pokemon that you ride on.
6. You should run into wild pokemon from safari zone.
7. And the good thing is you can use your own pokémon and Pokéball (Pokéball,
Greatball, Ultraball) to capture safari zone pokémon!!

Works on both versions
WARNING: If you haven't got it in you puny little head yet that Missingu is a virus, well he is! Chris and me know this for a fact. He can screw up your game so much it ain't funny. Although it was fun to have him for a pokémon for a little while there is no way I would capture his again. As my responsibility to Nintendo (c) I have to tell you all this stuff about we don't take responsibility for what happens and stuff like that!

Missingno is a bunch of pokemon you can't catch in your version of the game. The computer creates it in replace of wild Pokemon. If you still want to catch Missingno then here is how to: First, trade with any person in the game (I recommend any of the trainers in the Pokemon Lab at Cinnabar Island) Then go to the bottom right corner of the Cinnabar Island and surf up and down on the coast so that you are half on land half on water. You can also get him by surfing up and down the coast of Seafoam Island. While surfing make sure you are half on water half on land. Keep doing it until you get into a battle. A black screen will come for about 5-10 seconds but then you'll see a messed up Pokemon called Missingno. This pokemon is at level 80 but has very little defense.

 Find someone with the opposite version of the game. (If you have Blue, find someone with Red.) Play until you get your first pokémon, then go to Route One. Capture only one Pidgey or Rattata. Plug in your Game Link and press "TRADE" rapidly. If you hear a tone, you have 150 pokémon!
Now for a word from our sponsors:
I know for a fact that this does work!

Make your second Pokémon that you carry be a water Pokémon. Go to Route 1. Go to your Item Menu. Press SELECT 21 times and B twice on your 14th item. Get in a battle. Go to your Pokémon Menu. Push A on your water Pokémon. Run away. Go to the Pokémon Shop in Viridian City. Go to Sell. An item should be all screwed up. Sell it. Go to Buy. All of the items will be screwed. Masterball is there. Buy it. The price is 0. Fix the screwed items by going to Route 1. Go to your Item Menu. Press SELECT 21 times and B twice on your 14th item. Get in a battle. Go to your Pokémon Menu. Push A on your water Pokémon. Run away. Press A, B, UP, and DOWN all at once.

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